A Modern Voice from the Bush

From #BuyFromTheBush

From her kitchen table on a pecan farm in northwest New South Wales, author Annabelle Hickson has launched Galah, a new seasonal print publication focused on regional Australia and telling the stories of the modern, smart and creative people who live and thrive there.

Examining rural life in Australia from a creative perspective, Galah's mission is to tell the stories of the sophisticated, inspired and passionate people Hickson sees all around her. A modern voice from the bush.

“The bush is where the heat is at”, she says. There are flourishing cultural scenes in regional cities. There are cafes with good coffee, stylish artisan retailers, innovative businesses and incredibly capable people. "It’s exciting and that feeling is palpable as more people are leaving city life and moving to our regions and sensing the opportunities. We are not all hillbillies with missing teeth”, Hickson added.

Galah's launch issue will include profiles and features, edited by Hickson and written by seasoned writers and journalists, passionate storytellers and shot by some of the country’s best photographers. As the stories are told, Annabelle hopes readers will sense the new wave of creativity that is permeating throughout Australia. “The regions are where so many opportunities are. Important work is and can and has to be done here, and this is my inspiration in launching Galah”, she adds.

The savvy journal also promises news, artist profiles, lifestyle pieces and tips on finding great food and places to stay. Content will reflect the authenticity, the beauty, the rhythm, the resilience and the optimism that come with life in regional Australia.

Pre-orders for Issue 1 and a yearly subscription are open now, and Issue 1 will hit mailboxes December 1.