#MakingHay - Our favourite shots from the last five years

By Sam Johnston (Forbes, NSW) #ThankAFarmerForYourNextMeal

After spending a few days bouncing around on the tractor picking up baIes I thought it’d be fitting to dedicate this week’s photo library to ‘making hay’. Below you’ll find some of my favourite shots from the @ThankAFarmerForYourNextMeal account from over the years with possibly number 5 being a little bias.


“Red sky at night shepherd's delight, red sky at morning shepherd's warning”

– Western Australia


“Aussie Farmers - putting Weet-Bix on your table since the 1920’s!*

(*not actually Weet-Bix, caption for display purposes only)

– Powlett Plains, VIC


“Hay, it's just like playing tetris”

– Hamley Bridge, SA


“Dadda taking the kids to check the quality and moisture of the rows”

– Western Australia


“Let's make like hay and bale!”

– Forbes, NSW

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